Nashville Travel Guide

Food & best spots to hit up!

We have lived in Nashville for a little over a year and a half and love it here! After living here for a few years, we created a list of our favorite places and the best food stops. I also attached a few links to a few Airbnbs we stayed at! 🙂 

Food List:

  • Pucketts Grocery (Franklin, Tennessee) We love pretty much everything there, but our top picks are the BBQ Nachos, Fried Pickles and Taco Salad! Oh, and the cinnamon bread pudding is a must! 
  • Perry’s Steakhouse (Franklin, Tennessee) You need to go on Fridays and get their pork chops. It is pretty pricey, so if we ever go, it’s on a Friday to get the pork chop deal!
  • Waldo’s Chicken (Franklin, Tennessee) This is the place for everyone, especially for the person that orders chicken tenders and fries at every restaurant. You need to get a basket of biscuits with honey butter while you are there. 
  • Loveless Cafe (Nashville, Tennessee) It’s an iconic spot that has some fun pictures places, and little shops you can look at. Their breakfast is super good! We always have to take people staying with us there! It’s a good place for breakfast/lunch! 
  • Hampton Social (Nashville) It’s a good place with all sorts of options. They’ve got salads, Pizzas, Soups, and Sandwiches. When we go we always get the Brussels sprouts (sounds gross, but they are way good!) along with this corn avocado pizza. I forgot the name, but I know it has that stuff on it. Haha! 
  • CHUY’s (Franklin, Tennessee: Mexican Chain) We don’t have this Mexican place in Utah! It is a chain, but it’s so good we had to add it to our list. Their jalapeño/ranch dip stuff they serve with chips and salsa is AMAZING! 
  • Tito’s (Franklin, Tennessee: Mexican) when we first moved, we went to this restaurant and loved it! It’s a cool Mexican restaurant. We love the Fajitas and Burritos. 
  • Sopapillas (Franklin, Tennessee: Fancy Mexican) It’s a fancier Mexican restaurant that we love. If you go, you must try their tacos! (We like them all, but the Carnitas/chicken one is our favorite.) 

Places to visit:

  • Franklin Factory (Franklin, Tennessee) It’s an old factory that they turned into a shopping/snacking place. If you’re looking for a souvenir to take home, this is the place. They have a few small shops that sell Soda, Coffee, Pastries, Ice Cream, smoothies, etc. They even have a fun pottery painting area perfect for the whole family! 
  • Broadway (Nashville, Tennessee) If you’ve seen pictures of downtown Nashville you most likely have seen broadway. It’s a big strip of stores and bars. It’s a little chaotic at night, but lots of fun to look around at the shops and get some good ice cream. If you’re planning to go you only need one whole day there. If you are trying to find an Airbnb, we’ve been to THIS one and liked it. It’s in a gated condo with a really sweet gym and pool. 
  • Tims Ford Lake (Tullahoma, Tennessee) This is the lake we love going to. The water is nice from May 15th to October 1st. It’s super close to town, where we go and grab pub subs from Publix and spend the rest of the day on the lake. There’s also a nice Airbnb that can sleep up to 10 people. Here’s a LINK to it! We haven’t done much fishing here… but we hear it’s a great place to go to! 
  • Franklin Farmers Market (Franklin, Tennessee) This was a lot of fun for us. They have so many booths of all sorts of things, from decor to farm-fresh food. When we go we stock up on homemade jam and fresh fruits. 
  • Listening Room Cafe (Nashville, Tennessee) This is my type of concert. You buy a ticket and get set down at a table. You listen to songwriters sharing their stories along with them singing them too. Also, to mention you can order food too! It’s the perfect place after walking around broadway! Haha! 
  • Bridgestone Arena (Nashville, Tennessee) I know they have all sorts of events held here, but we went to a hockey game there last year and thought it was so fun! We never watched hockey, but it was still so fun for us to be there with the crazy fans!

Hope you enjoy Nashville!!! If you have any other questions you can send us a DM on instagram!

Fun Fact: We’ve lived in Utah for most of our life up until we were 16!